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Nick: BOT KulaGGin
Link do SS: http://steamcommunit...61198026700417�

Serwer: [PL][OnlyDD2][Konkursy][Cs-Classic.pl[GameMe]

Link do bana: There is no Source bans or gameme bans. Admin banned me silently so I couldn't appel it. But here I'm. Banned.

I got banned.
I was just having fun on public and sudennly I got banned.
I think some envy jelaous admin was playing against me and he couldn't handle me so he banned me in rage after I killed him a lot of times. Unban me please.
 Cherna-facepalm.gif facepalm.gif facepalm2.gif post-4919-1293825706.gif facepalm.gif 

I know why he decided that I play with aimbot. I have a very-very well-tuned game. It includes motherboard BIOS overlocking and system tuning for better FPS, network settings, Nvidia driver video settings, in-game video settings, system driver audio settings, in-game audio settings, mouse driver settings, in-game mouse settings, key binds, crosshair settings etc. 

You can read my topics: 

What does it mean? Basically, it means I know about the game mechanics and the game itself more than other 99.9% of players. What else can I say about myself? I played for Epsilon E-sports in BF3. You can check if it's true. Yes, it is. Here's one more art I've done for fun:ttp://i61.tinypic.com/rjh4q1.jpg 
What is my point? My point is that I'm not just some random school-sport which all he do in his life is playing CSGO on publics with wall hack which was bought on mommy's money... 

Could you please unban me guys? This is very unpleasantly to be banned by some incompetent admin who can't distinguish cheater from good player.


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Automatycznie wygenerowana wiadomość.

Temat został zamknięty przez któregoś z moderatorów.


Twoja prośba o UB została odrzucona. Twój temat łamie regulamin działu.

Sprawdź Regulamin działu Prośby o UB



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